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Before & Afters

All photos are from real Filterbaby users. Results may vary. 

"I never thought using cleaner water was an affordable solution for my skin. I tried a lot of things to the point I easily spent $6K trying to fix my skin. I'm so glad Filterbaby exists and I no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask." 

- Nishay

 "The "after" photo is my face after just a week of Filterbaby I’m GLOWING my face is soft and retaining moisture like crazy. I’ve struggled with my rosacea for 4 years and this is the best my face has been in years."  

- Katelyn

 In just 2 weeks my skin had gone from being painful irritated and broken out to about half of what it was. I have struggled with skin and keeping my skin clear all of my life I’ve spent thousands of dollars on treatments and all this time I just thought I had to live with it. I then realize it was just the water that I’ve been using on my face. My skin continues to get better every single day.” 

- Felicity

" Itchiness and irritation are completely gone, and redness is almost gone too! This filter has been such a game changer I haven’t had blemish free and soft skin since I was literally in middle school. That’s been almost 15 years!"

- Kharis

"Struggled with adult acne for years. Tried so many products and prescriptions with no luck until Filterbaby. Mind blown how much of a difference your water makes. Highly recommend to anyone experiencing acne. 

- Steve

"I seriously love Filterbaby so much. Every menstrual week, I get inflamed cystic acne and dry patchy skin. I have tried everything including creams from derms, lasers, and random Russian peels; nothing has helped. I didn't know changing the quality of water would do this much good."

- Larisa

"After using the Filterbaby, my Rosacea isn't as red anymore. I didn't know water could play a role and I see improvements. So happy you made Filterbaby."

- Gena


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