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We take our skincare seriously. Skincare is a life long commitment to your skin's health and wellbeing. In the Filterbaby Blogs, we work with industry experts and peer reviewed research to bring you concise, accurate and dermatologist-approved skincare. Learn more about tap water containments, create your perfect skincare routine, and keep up with the latest skincare trends.

Tap Water is Damaging Your Skin (Dr. Devin Reese. Ph.D Harvard / U.C. Berkeley)

"Making a simple change in your skincare regime like adding a filter to your tap water can help protect it from the ravages of aging"

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Maintain Healthy Skin by Using Filtered Water (by Dr. Liz Aguiniga)

Access to clean water is essential for keeping the body healthy. Not only is it important to drink highly purified water, but it turns out that using impure water to wash the skin can create serious skin issues. 

Adding a Water Filter is Good for Your Facial Skin (by Savannah Muncy, Ph.D)

Your skin provides a barrier of protection against potentially harmful external environments such as injuries, temperature fluctuations, chemicals, radiation, and infectious organisms. Your external environments can really affect the health of your skin. For example, the sun’s rays can burn your skin, damaging it and causing wrinkles. And who wants that?

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20 Common Questions About Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is more common than you think! There are even aspects of your day-to-day life that could be contributing to your irritation that you might not suspect. We’re here to help break down the causes and solutions!

What Skincare Routine Should I Have for Sensitive Skin?

Finding the perfect skincare routine for sensitive skin can be a daunting task, and even difficult at times. For sensitive skin, it is crucial to follow a step by step routine while also integrating the proper ingredients and avoiding harsh ingredients. Ultimately, the key is to keep your routine simple. We are going to provide you with insight on the best ingredients for sensitive skin, along with tips on how to improve your daytime and nighttime skin routines.

What Should My Daily Skincare Routine Be?

So what exactly should a daily skincare routine look like? In this blog, we’ll break down 10 most important steps in skincare.


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