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We take our skincare seriously. Skincare is a life long commitment to your skin's health and wellbeing. In the Filterbaby Blogs, we work with industry experts and peer reviewed research to bring you concise, accurate and dermatologist-approved skincare. Learn more about tap water containments, create your perfect skincare routine, and keep up with the latest skincare trends.

Tap Water is Damaging Your Skin (Dr. Devin Reese. Ph.D Harvard / U.C. Berkeley)

"Making a simple change in your skincare regime like adding a filter to your tap water can help protect it from the ravages of aging"

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What Should My Daily Skincare Routine Be?

So what exactly should a daily skincare routine look like? In this blog, we’ll break down 10 most important steps in skincare.

5 Skincare Products Our Beauty Team Love

With so many products on the market, it is hard to find which products are worth trying and ones that work for your skin type. Especially for those who have sensitive skin and need to find the right products for their skincare needs.  We will show you 5 products that our team loves to use in their daily skincare routine that you might not have.

Daily Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

One of the most prevailing skin concerns is oily skin. It causes excessive shine and it is a major contributing factor to acne breakouts. Oily skin can be frustrating and very difficult to deal with on a daily basis. But don’t worry! A targeted skincare routine using the appropriate products can help to alleviate oily skin. Following advice from skincare experts, we have created a basic 4-step routine you can use twice a day–morning and night–to help combat your skin issues and maintain a healthy balance of your skin’s natural oils.


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