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5 Reasons Why 50,000+ Women Are Transforming Their Skin With A Water Filter.

Because healthy skin starts with your water.

Increase skin hydration

Prevent breakouts

Reduce redness and irritation

The #1 Water Filter For Skincare Is Getting Looks

  • "After using Filterbaby for week, I noticed that my skin felt softer. After two weeks, my forehead acne had all but disappeared, and by the third week, I noticed a difference in my skin's dryness."

  • "Tap water can cause dryness, irritation and even breakouts because it can clog your pores,” she tells us. “It can also make your psoriasis worse or any other skin condition.”

  • "Filterbaby can be worth it for people with dermatitis such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne or rosacea because it can help to reduce skin sensitivity in some cases."

  • "Fine lines, sensitivity, blemishes... whatever your skin woes, it's safe to assume that tap water has been low on your list of culprits but perhaps it's time to take a closer look at your faucet."

  • "Have you ever noticed stains around the faucet in your bathroom? What gets deposited on the walls is the same residue that gets deposited on your skin."

The Results Speak For Themselves

  • Bye Bye acne!

    The most amazing filter, life & acne saving! My face has significantly cleared up, feels WAY more moisturized and less tight all together! So good I bought 2!

    Brooke A. | 28 years old

  • My skin is so smooth and soft!

    I am so amazed at how just changing my water quality has transformed my skin. No matter what I tried I had this dryness would not go away and in just a month of using my filter baby my skin looks amazing!

    Rachel G. | 27 years old

  • Anti-Aging miracle!

    I have noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my skin. I feel like my fine lines have diminished because my skin isn't so dehydrated anymore! It's truly the anti aging miracle I never knew I needed!

    Jeanette A. | 35 years old

  • My confidence is back!

    "After so many years of fighting against acne and acneiform dermatitis, I can say that I have managed to recover my skin's health to 80% in two weeks thanks to this filter."

    Zulidia P. | 32 years old

  • Redness & Itchiness GONE!

    After just 1 month, redness & itchinessare completely gone. This filter has been such a game changer I haven’t had blemish free for 15 years!"

    Kharis H. | 27 years old


1. Tap Water Is Too Harsh For Your Skin

If you’re like most people, you’re probably washing your face with tap water everyday. But did you know tap water contains a number of contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, rust and more? This dries and irritates your skin, leading to a number of common skin issues. If the water you’re using everyday is contaminated, your skin won’t improve! Yikes!

Filterbaby is the world’s first clinically tested and dermatologist approved water filter made for skincare, offering a convenient and reliable solution. Just twist onto your faucet and you’re ready to go!   

“After testing this product against another similar product for a month, I feel confident that Filterbaby is the best option for protecting my skin."


Goodbye Dry Skin. Hello Hydrated Skin!

The drying agent in chlorine damages your skin barrier, leaving it susceptible to irritation, redness, dry skin, signs of premature aging, and even exacerbated symptoms of Eczema and Rosacea.

Filterbaby's best in class filtration removes up to 99% of chlorine resulting in smoother, softer, hydrated skin. You'll never want to go back to tap water again.

“I’ was skeptical... but I'm not lying when I say my skin transformed overnight. Redness, irritation GONE. This is the softest and best my skin has been in years."


Break Up With Breakups. Forever. 

One of the main culprits of acne is clogged pores and the skin overproducing oil. That's exactly what happens when you expose your skin to tap water. The chlorine strips the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and brittle, which can also cause your skin to overproduce oil. The micro-contaminants (minerals, rust and lead) can cause clogged pores breakouts.

Make the switch to Filterbaby. It removes contaminants as small as .2 microns. Break free from contaminants and start waking up to clear skin. 

“Get to the root cause of your problems instead of masking with products that don't work. Switching to Filterbaby was the best decision ever."


Dare I Say, Silky Smooth?

Filterbaby has a multi-step best in class filtration to target contaminants that specifically harm the skin, leaving your skin feel smooth and softer than you could ever imagine. And the best part? They're specifically engineered for facial skin, so you can trust that it'll cleanse your skin thoroughly without damaging your natural skin barrier like regular tap water might.

It's the world's first Dermatologist Approved and Clinically Tested water filter made for skincare, so go ahead and create a relaxing and enjoyable skincare experience. Both you and your skin deserves it.

“I'm so impressed! This only took 5 minutes to install and I can FEEL the difference in the water quality immediately.”


Save Your Money And Your Efforts

Tap water does your other products a disservice. Beauty products aren't cheap. The average consumer spends over $2,500 a year on their appearance. Whether you have a 1 step or 10 step routine, use drugstore skincare, or luxury skincare, if you're combining your products with dirty water you're foiling your investment.

Starting with clean water goes a long way in ensuring your products are working to their maximum ability.

"I've been using it only for 1 month and it's made a huge difference to my skin already. I have way less breakouts and skin is less dry. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skin care routine and health quality."

Trusted By Over 40,000+ Customers And Healthcare Providers

  • Dr. Safiya Lyn

  • Leah

  • Carolyn Moore

  • Elixis Willingham

  • Priscilla

  • Brianna

4.8 (40.000+ Happy Customers)

Advanced Water Filter with PRODermis®

Filterbaby instantly filters your tap water for your freshest clean ever. It works by reducing both chemical and physical contaminants commonly found in tap water, promoting healthier, softer and more radiant skin.




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