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Tap Water is Bad for Your Skin's Health

What's lurking in your tap water?

Dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, hard minerals, and other contaminants.

Tap water is bad, and it is only getting worse.











In just the year 2020,

the United States had 51,520 cases of tap water violation.

Research shows as much as 70% of America's tap water is too hard, or has excess chemicals.

Chlorine, lead, fluoride, VOCs, pesticides, PFAs, and a myriad of contaminants are in our tap water.


Tap Water is Dirty and Contaminated

What's In Your Water?

tap water contaminants


Chlorine dries out your skin, making it irritated and flakey.


PFAs are a manufacturing waste product and a known carcinogen.


Lead can seep into water through corroded lead pipes.


Volatile. Organic. Compounds. VOCs stay in your body for up to 3 months after your first exposure.


Pesticides are one of the most common tap water contaminants—especially in areas near industrial farming. Pesticides dry out your skin, clog your pores, and can be detrimental to your overall health.


The average American consumes as much as 5 grams of microplastics every week—that’s about the size of 1 credit card. Microplastics also scratch your skin and clog your delicate pores.

85% of Americans have hard water

The likelihood that you have hard water is very high—and that's a bad thing for your skin.

Hard water contains mineral deposits, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These mineral deposits dry out your skin by clogging your pores.

Washing your face with hard water damages your skin

Washing your skin only makes it worse. When hard water mixes with soap, it forms salts. These salts are difficult to rinse off and can dry out your skin, cause acne, and further blemish your skin.

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Benefits of Filtered Water for Skincare

Reduce Chemicals

Reduce dangerous chemicals like chloride, lead, PFAs, VOCs, and many more.

Increase Skin Moisture

Reduce dryness and increase skin moisture. Clinical studies show that FilterBaby increases skin moisture in just 2 weeks.

Healthier Skin

Skincare is a lifelong commitment to your skin's health. Prevent wrinkles by using healthier, better water to clean the delicate skin on your face.

FilterBaby is the World's 1st Bathroom Water Filter for Skincare

How Does FilterBaby Work?

FilterBaby's faucet filter for skincare is designed to trap common tap water contaminants using a 3-step filtration system.

Our filter captures particles as small as 0.2 microns.

Is your faucet compatible?

What Contaminants Does FilterBaby Trap?

Our filter captures bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, microplastics, cysts, parasites, rust, and more.

All in any easy to install system with convenient, quick filter change access.

FilterBaby's 3-Step Ultrafiltration System

1. Woven Mesh

The woven mesh filter captures large particles—like sediments. This is similar to the only step of filtration that common sink aerators have.

2. Coconut-Shell based Activated Carbon Filter

The second step of filtration dissolved and removes small particles, such as chlorine, radon, and some dissolved contaminants. Most name brand faucet filters stop here.

3. IonSoft UltraFiltration Filter

The final step of filtration makes all the difference. A very fine polyethylene membrane filter captures particles as small as 0.2 microns—bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, microplastics, cysts, parasites, rust, and more.

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and is essential for acting as a barrier between outside world stressors such as sunlight, bacteria, or chemicals and the inside of the body including the organs, blood, water, etc. Using a water purifying system such as Filterbaby can help maintain healthier skin and maintain the skin’s barrier function.

Dr. Liz Aguiniga
PhD Life Sciences

Although the water from your tap may be clean, it contains chlorine and other chemicals that are not so good for your skin. Try adding a water filter like Filterbaby to your tap water and experience the difference.

Savannah Muncy
Doctor of Pharmacy, PhD


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