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How to Install Your Filterbaby PROdermis™ Filter

Watch this video and/or follow below 1-6 steps to quickly install your Filterbaby.

Make sure you follow the below suggestions to care for your Filterbaby:

1. Do NOT use the maximum pressure your pressure can output: Use just enough water pressure to the point where it's coming out of the filter comfortably at it's max level. Filterbaby is designed for water pressure between 0.1 to 0.4 MPa. 

2. Do not use extremely hot water in your filter: the maximum temperature Filterbaby can withhold is100 degrees fahrenheit. Anything higher will damage your filter. 

step one

Unwrap Your Filter

Twist open your filter housing by twisting to the right. Remove your filter and unwrap the plastic. Place the filter back into the housing with the vent holes facing upwards. Twist the housing to the left, aligning the grooves to close. 

step two

Remove Your Old Aerator

Most faucets have a round tip, known as an aerator, at the end that can be removed.
Unscrew it and remove it.
Use a pair of pliers or an aerator removal tool (hidden aerators inside) if it is not coming off easily with your hands.

step three

Find The One Matching Adaptor

Gently try to screw on each of the adaptors, one at a time until you find the perfect fit.
The right one should screw evenly for about 5 full turns.
Do not twist tightly at this time. 

In the case that the adaptors included in the kit do not fit, please reach out to us and we can send you an external adaptor (free of charge). 

step four

Insert the matching silicon ring into the adaptor you just found

Remove the matching adaptor from the sink you just found.
Now try to insert each silicon ring into the groove of the adaptor.
The right one should fit snugly (sometimes very tight). Push the ring firmly into the adaptor, this prevent water leakage.

step five

Screw on the attachment nut and adaptor onto your faucet

Place the adaptor through the attachment nut (wider side towards the bottom).
Insert the Aerator Key into the adaptor and attachment nut.
Twist your adaptor onto your sink very carefully. 
It's very important the adaptor screws on evenly so there is no leakage. 
You should twist evenly and carefully about 5-6 times. 

step six

Twist the Attachment Nut on Your PROdermis™ Filter System

Twist the attachment nut onto your filter system. Run the water for one minute before use to activate your filter.

Your FilterBaby is ready for use!

Installation FAQs

FilterBaby is designed for US standard faucets—19m to 24mm wide. If you are unsure, please check your faucet compatibility

We also provide a thorough instruction manual. Simply determine what type of faucet you have, and select the appropriate adapter.

If you are still unsure about whether the filter will fit, please email us at and we gladly help. We also have a 30-day refund policy for all orders.

FilterBaby will NOT fit faucets that are pull out, hand-held, spray-style, or faucets with a sensor.

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