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limescale bathroom faucet

So, What's in My Water?

Your Water May Not Be As Great As You Think.

Research shows that most US households’ tap water contains chlorine, micro-plastics, heavy metals, and hundreds of unregulated chemicals.

The legal limits of contaminants set by the EPA, at best, gets a passing grade. This is due to the fact that the EPA is underfunded and a bit antiquated, and that changing regulations requires extensive and time-consuming efforts. Furthermore, just because something is legal doesn't necessarily imply that it is completely safe.

According to Dr. Verhougstraete, Ph.D of Arizona University, chemicals, even in minute concentrations, can cause adverse health effects, especially in the long run.  

Numerous research calls for more stringent regulations around our tap water. The water we use on a daily basis has a significant impact on the health of our skin, particularly on the face, where the skin is the most sensitive and thin.

You don't drink tap water, so why should your skin?

A woman leans over her bathroom sink and rinses her face with the FilterBaby PROdermis faucet filter in dove.

Why Does Filterbaby Start with a Faucet Mount Water Filter?

Because Your Facial Skin Is More Sensitive

than your skin anywhere else. If you take a microscope, you will see that the skin cells on your face are actually smaller than ones on your body. This means the skin on your face is less effective at protecting than many parts of your body. The smaller the skin cells, the more 'gaps' there are for chemicals and contaminants to go through. Why the face has more sensitive skin, may be due to evolutionary reasons, and it probably comes down to the effectiveness of expressions. Humans are social animals, thinner skin allows for more expressions on the face. Essentially, this means, it is vital to take extra care of your face, and hence why we created Filterbaby. 

A collage of four images that show close ups of dry skin. Top left: flakey skin on forehead and nose. Top right: wrinkled and dry skin on forehead. Bottom left: redness and irritation on a cheek. Bottom right: flakey and dry lips.

How Does Tap Water Harm My Skin?

Your skin barrier acts as a protector against toxins and contaminants from the external environment. But the chemicals and contaminants in tap water can seep through and also break down this barrier causing: 

  • Depletion of your skin's natural oils, causing it to be dry and damaged.
  • Irritation of your skin,  causing sensitivity and  redness.
  • Breakdown of collagen barrier causing signs of premature aging.

Yikes! We don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but these are valid problems you might want to pay attention to. 

A collage of four images that show close ups of dry skin. Top left: flakey skin on forehead and nose. Top right: wrinkled and dry skin on forehead. Bottom left: redness and irritation on a cheek. Bottom right: flakey and dry lips.
A woman leans over her bathroom sink and rinses her face with the FilterBaby PROdermis faucet filter in dove.

Have You Done Any Testing To Prove Our Filters Actually Improve Skin?

Yup. Read On.

The very first thing we did after our product synthesis was to test our product via certified third-party testing labs.

Here's a description of the procedure:

  • The process included 35 participants both female (21) and male (14) aged 16-65 with normal and sensitive skin.
  • The measurement of skin hydration with a micro camera was carried out for each zone in all tested and control places prior to applying the tested product. Subjects were asked to avoid using hydrating or anti-aging products on their skin during the study, and to follow their regular personal hygiene protocol.

  • The evaluation of the hydration was performed before and after two weeks of using the water filter daily. Instrument used: Callegari Company – Soft Plus device Hydration probe and micro camera. All measurements were carried out in a room with a temperature of 20 ± 3°C and a relative humidity of 50±10%.
A woman leans over her bathroom sink and rinses her face with the FilterBaby PROdermis faucet filter in dove.
  • Soft Plus measures the hydration of the stratum corneum through the scientifically acknowledged capacitive method, which measures the amount of electric current passing through a capacitor. In its simplest form, a capacitor consists of two conducting plates (tracks) that are separated by an insulating material called the dielectric.
  • In the capacitor constituted by probe and skin, one conducting plate is the probe surface and the other is represented by the skin's deeper (well-hydrated) layer. The horny layer, constituted by dead keratinized cells dispersed in a lipid medium, represents an excellent barrier to the passage of both chemical substances and electric current. It can, therefore, be considered a dielectric medium (the dielectric constant of the anhydrous horny layer is usually lower than five).
  • The water dielectric constant is much higher; thus, if water is contained in the stratum corneum, the horny layer dramatically changes its dielectric properties. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the hydrated stratum corneum’s dielectric constant and calculate its moisture content by measuring the amount of current that flows through the stratum corneum.

So, What's The Result?

Clinically Shown To Improve Skin Moisture. 

The results of skin hydration measurement before (t0) and 2 weeks (t2) after using filtered water daily in arbitrary units (In each case, the average of five independent measurements is used to get the result) showed that under the study conditions, our filter helps to increase skin hydration.

Longer studies and more skin factors will be examined in our next tests. We are continuously testing and improving our product because it matters to us to constantly find better solutions.

filterbaby filter close up that shows all three steps of filtration

What Exactly Makes Your Filters Different Than Others? 

Most filters contain just a woven mesh and activated carbon. Some filters are merely ceramic or vitamin-C filters. Others are very standard KD-55 filter materials with no true innovations. These commonly found filters aren't as effective nor able to filter a wider range of chemicals and contaminants.

FilterBaby uses both physical and chemical filtration components. Combining these two components removes 94% to 99% of the chlorine from water while also reducing contaminants as small as 0.2 microns. Our PROdermis™ ingredient lightly softens water by reducing heavy metals and high mineral content in water. 

FilterBaby also has an eco-friendly mode. Regular tap water can be made more environmentally friendly by switching to this option. This will save you roughly 30 percent of your water usage! We plan to be carbon neutral and make our designs as environmental friendly as possible. 

What does Filterbaby do about sustainability issues?

Oh we are big on that.

Filterbaby isn't just a beauty and wellness device, it also functions as a sustainability tool. With a built-in eco friendly mode, you get to save 30% of tap water! (without sacrificing any filtered water pressure).

According to many scientific publications, our earth is actually facing usable water shortage, due to population growth and climate change. Within the next decades, scientists predict many parts of the world, including the U.S will see freshwater supplies drop down by a third. 

While Filterbaby's filtered water is designed not to sacrifice any water pressure, the eco mode (tap water) helps to save 30% of tap water when turned on. 

On average, the American household use about 4 gallons of water in the bathroom (non-face wash related) per individual, per day. At this rate, a saving of 30% means approximately 438 gallons of water saved each year!

Filterbaby takes sustainability issues seriously. Helping the public to save water is just the first step of our sustainability goals. Our science research team of Ph.D chemical engineers are also working on a sustainable filter replacement shell, and advancing this technology to other filter companies. 

Lastly, Filterbaby strives to be carbon neutral by year 2025, we all live in a place called Earth, and it's time we pay attention to it. 


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