Why Are celebrities shying away from using tap water to wash their faces?

Why Are celebrities shying away from using tap water to wash their faces?

Water is the main ingredient in our skincare routines and required for so many daily activities. Even though we use it everyday we rarely think twice before turning on the faucet to wash our faces. Most of us would never suspect that tap water could be damaging our skin. However, for years celebrities have spoken out about avoiding tap water when washing their faces. We’ve all heard Cameron Diaz’s famous quote that she only uses Evian water to wash her face. Although that sounds expensive and absurd especially when some areas of our country are experiencing terrible droughts we have to wonder what they know that we don't? 

In an interview with Marie Claire, Adriana Lima said,

 “A trick I learned is that when you wash your face, don’t use water from the sink. Use water that is purified.” 

“That’s the water that you’re going to want to use on your face—not one from the sink because it’s full of chemicals and encourages bacteria.”  -Adriana Lima 

As we all know skincare is a holistic practice. To achieve a glowing complexion it’s not just about what products you are using, it's about what you're eating, drinking, how much sleep you’re getting and what water you’re using to cleanse your skin. Usually if you’re experiencing skin concerns like acne and dryness you’re always on the hunt for a solution. Now that you’re here you’ll understand why water quality should be on your radar.

Celebrities and models are constantly in the spotlight and taking care of their skin is a top priority. These celebrities have access to the best aestheticians and dermatologist’s in the world. Of course they also have access to the best products and treatments available. However, through these professionals they learn all kinds of tips on how to achieve a clear complexion. The reason celebrities are claiming to use filtered water to cleanse their faces is because they know the damaging effects that tap water can have on their skin. 

Many people don’t realize that tap water can be damaging to the skin and reduce the effectiveness of your skincare products. 

Chlorine Is The Most Common Disinfectant Used In The US

Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine. Chlorine is the most common disinfectant used to sanitize water in the US. However Research shows that chlorinated water actually accelerates the aging process and can break down the skin barrier.

Research shows anything above 0.3 PPM can damage skin barrier, yet most tap water in America exceeds this standard, and is between 0.5-2 PPM.

Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can damage the skin tissues, rob the natural oils from the skin and lead to dry, flaky skin. It can also cause acne breakouts.

Yet chlorine is only part of the problem with our tap water system...

Hard Water Can Cause Skin Irritation

Hard water can also be a culprit of unwanted skin concerns. Hard water is water that is high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These minerals can make it harder for your cleansers to foam up and make it harder to remove the soap from the surface of your skin. This causes your skin to be dry and susceptible to irritation and leaves behind a film on the skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. Yikes!

Models like Adriana Lima understand that tap water can be detrimental to the skin. Instead, she opts for filtered water to ensure her skin remains healthy and radiant. Now that you know the facts about tap water you too can use filtered water to cleanse your skin.

Now that we know tap water is a concern for our skin health and water is the main ingredient in our skin care routines. Using a filtration system is by far the best and most economical way to get clean pure water readily available for your every day routine. The best type of filter is one that uses multi step filtration. 

Filterbaby is the first ever dermatologist-approved water filter made for skincare. We use a triple action filtration system made up of: 

Carbon Fiber

Which reduces up to 99% Chlorine, 99% Bromodichloromethane, 97% Chloroform and Total THMs,  up to 99% heavy metals such as copper, zinc, iron, and a myriad of other chemical contaminants.  8-10x more effective than standard activated carbon filters.


Our proprietary descaling process which softens water by attaching to excess hard minerals like Mg2+ and Ca2+. Leaving crisp and soft water that's better for your skin than tap water.


A very fine polyethylene membrane filter captures up to 99% turbidity and micro organic and inorganic particles as small as 0.2 microns— bacteria, algae, fungi, microplastics, rusts, and more

Our filtered water has far less contaminants and is much gentler on the skin and can help to reduce the risk of any adverse reactions. It's safe to say that it’s best for your complexion to opt for filtered water in your skincare routine. 

If you are experiencing any unwanted skin concerns and you are looking to achieve that celebrity glow it’s important to address the water you are using. If your skin barrier is already compromised, using hard and overly chlorinated water is only going to continue to aggravate the issue. With Filterbaby you can now easily enjoy the benefits of washing your face with filtered water at home. 

We also have an eco-friendly setting on our filter which helps you save water! We are actively working on a sustainability promise, expected to be completed by 2025, inclusive of achieving carbon neutrality, plastic neutrality, and offering sustainable, eco-friendly refill options. 

Wash your face with a water filter

Remembering to change your filter every 3 months is also extremely important. We offer a subscription service that automatically arrives at your doorstep. If you do have trouble remembering it’s also a good idea to set a reminder in your calendar app so you always have clean water. Happy Cleansing!

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