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The Most Important Step Of Your Beauty Routine

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Achieve soft, glowing, clear skin

#1 water filter recommended by
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Remove 99.9% of chlorine, chloramine,
heavy metals and other tap impurities



The Most Important Step Of Your Beauty Routine


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200k+ Customers

Popsugar - Filterbaby as seen in Popsugar
Mindbodygreen - Filterbaby as seen in Mindbodygreen
Forbes - Filterbaby as seen in Forbes
Women's Health - Filterbaby as seen in Women's Health
Poosh - Filterbaby as seen in Poosh
Popsugar - Filterbaby as seen in Popsugar
Mindbodygreen - Filterbaby as seen in Mindbodygreen
Forbes - Filterbaby as seen in Forbes
Women's Health - Filterbaby as seen in Women's Health
Poosh - Filterbaby as seen in Poosh

Over 200,000+ Customers Have Transformed Their Skin

  • Diane, 32

    "Have been using for 3 months and have noticed a huge difference in breakouts and less dryness. I highly recommend!"

  • Zulaidia, 31

    "After so many years of fighting against acne and acneiform dermatitis, I can say that I have managed to recover my skin's health to 80% in two weeks thanks to this filter. I'm so grateful for this product."

  • Elizabeth, 28

    "I used to suffer from acne, redness, and dry skin. I noticed my skin was less dry and my skincare products would absorb better on my face after the first wash. It's now been a few months and I’ve seen such a big improvement!"

  • Jennifer, 27

    "I have an acne prone skin and I use active products to keep it at bay but my experience so far of using this product for 2 months is that it has made me realize that it really helps to make your skincare products work effectively!"

  • Olivia, 25

    "My skin has cleared up SO much in just the 30 days I've gotten it. It's healed more than I've ever hoped for."

  • Adriana, 26

    "Filterbaby has had such a positive effect on my skin during the past year! One of the most satisfying aspects is when I take out the current filter to replace it with a new one, and I can see how much junk has been filtered out! A dream come true for my sensitive, acne-prone skin - highly recommend! :)"

  • Jenna, 25

    "My symptoms literally resolved overnight. My skin is glowing, it naturally retains moisture so it no longer overproduces oil. I was breaking out daily with acne, and now I have a small blemish surface every 2 weeks or so."

  • Kim, 35

    "I have seen a huge improvement in my acne and honestly, the water feels clean!"

  • Lauren, 28

    "I've seen a huge difference in my face since using Filterbaby for just under a month! My face is less red, my spots are gone or dramatically smaller, and I haven't gotten any new breakouts! Very happy!"

  • Angela, 25

    "Absolutely love this product ! so easy to use and install. Made my skin feel so new and clear. 10/10 would recommend"

  • Peyton, 23

    "My dermatitis has largely healed. It was so much better than it was before I had filtered water and I’m so grateful to Filterbaby for helping me get here! I’m a month in now but my skin feels GREAT and my dermatitis has improved greatly. I’m so grateful!"

  • Ashley, 31

    "Such a great addition to my skincare! I noticed right away that every time I used the filter wash my face, it doesn’t feel as dry as it usually would."

  • Amanda, 35

    "I am loving how my skin feels from this filter. It was easy to install on my faucet. After a few weeks of using this filter to wash my hands and face, I can tell the difference! My skin is softer and more moisturized, and feels healthier!"

  • Chandler, 29

    "I am so amazed at how just changing my water quality has completely cleared my stubborn acne and made my complexion so much cleaner and less red! In just a month of using my Filterbaby, my skin looks amazing!"

  • Michelle, 27

    "Pretty easy to install and is helping my hydration and skin quality! Only have used it for 30 days but I am excited to keep using it."

  • Kharis, 27

    "Redness, itchiness, completely gone. I haven't had blemish-free skin like this since middle school!"

  • Jess Rachel, 25

    "Super easy to install and I could tell the difference in my water right away. My skin feels smoother and lighter and is looking great!"

  • Nishay, 26

    "I never thought using cleaner water was an affordable solution for my skin. I easily spent $6K trying to fix my skin. I'm so glad Filterbaby exists and I no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask."

Achieve better skin with every wash

Hydrate and Soften Skin Hydrate and Soften Skin
Get hydrated and glowing skin by the only filter that can reduce 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramine as well as a myriad of chemicals that are drying your skin.
Get Clear, Glowing Complexion Get Clear, Glowing Complexion
Micro-plastics, bacteria, fungus, rust, turbidity and hundreds of contaminants can irritate the skin. Filterbaby removes 99.9% of these contaminants as small as 0.1 microns giving you clearer, radiant skin.
Reduce Acne, Redness and Irritation Reduce Acne, Redness and Irritation
Hard metals and contaminants in tap can clog pores and irritate skin. Filterbaby reduces harmful substances, improves acne, and calms sensitive skin.
Great for Skin Health Great for Skin Health
Our face is the most sensitive and absorbs the most chemicals more than any part of our body. Adding Filterbaby helps strengthen skin barrier and promote long-term skin health.
The Only Clinically Tested Water Filter For Skincare Clinically Tested
Filterbaby is clinically tested via 3rd-party clinical lab, by dermatologists, and objectively measured to improve skin hydration in just 2 weeks.
Soft and hydrated skin with Filterbaby
Hydrated Clear Skin with Filterbaby Hydrated Clear Skin with Filterbaby

Improve your skin, Try Risk-Free for 60 days.

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Chlorine, heavy metals, micro plastics, forever chemical "PFAS", rusts are just the beginning of hundreds of contaminants found in your tap water. Our skin deserves better.