5 Skincare Products Our Beauty Team Love

5 Skincare Products Our Beauty Team Love

With so many products on the market, it is hard to find which products are worth trying and ones that work for your skin type. Especially for those who have sensitive skin and need to find the right products for their skincare needs. 

We will show you 5 products that our team loves to use in their daily skincare routine that you might not have. We suggest checking out:

filterbaby PROdermis water filter for skincare

1. Filterbaby PROdermis Faucet Filter

Trying to find products to solve your skincare problems can be hard, but sometimes looking at the root cause may help. 

Water is a large part of our daily routine whether it's consumption or cleansing. If we must drink clean and filtered water, the same goes for our skin since it is the largest organ we have. 

Healthy skin starts with the basics.

Tap water contaminants are extremely harsh on sensitive skin. This includes chlorine, microplastics, microbiological contaminants, etc. These contaminants can all cause dryness, irritation, breakouts, and premature aging. Those with sensitive skin may want to limit their routine to reduce the number of irritants from products. 

A water filter can also be used to decrease the amount of these contaminants, to prevent further dryness and irritation to the skin.

The PROdermis Water Filter from Filterbaby is a bathroom sink faucet filter that has a 3-step ultrafiltration system. 

The first component is the carbon fiber filter that reduces up to 99% of chlorine. This type of carbon filter is 8-10x more effective than the typical activated carbon other filters may use. 

Next is the PROdermis step which lightly softens the tap water by capturing calcium and magnesium ions, additionally preventing scale. 

The last step of the filtering system is the ultrafiltration hollow membrane fibers that capture particles and contaminants as small as 0.2 microns

With these 3 steps of filtration, Filterbaby is able to dissolve and trap most common tap water contaminants, leaving your tap water cleaner and more suitable for your delicate facial skin.

If you’ve been trying a rotating regime of expensive skincare products that just don’t seem to work, a water filter is a great place to start. This change on its own can make a big impact of your skin’s health.

2. Makeup Eraser Clothes

Removing makeup on the daily with traditional makeup wipes can be very harsh on your sensitive skin. 

Most wipes contain alcohol or alcohol derivatives that dry and irritate the skin. Even looking at the ingredients list, there are strong preservatives contained in these makeup wipes that prevent mold and bacteria build-up while it sits in the completely wet packet of cotton. 

This way of makeup removal does not completely take off everything but just moves it around your face, clogging pores and irritating the skin. Makeup wipes actually do more harm than good on the skin due to their harsh ingredients, nature of forcefully tugging on the skin, and incomplete removal of makeup & dirt. 

All of these factors may not seem apparent at the time, however, with long-term use, it can lead to sensitization of your skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

A better alternative for makeup wipes is to use makeup-removing cloths that are reusable and machine washable, which is very eco-friendly compared to the disposable wipes. These cloths are typically soft & gentle, effectively removing makeup that is great for sensitive skin. 

These cloths do not require any additional products but just water to help remove facial makeup. They can replace up to 3,600 makeup wipes and make it easy to travel with as well.

Alternatively, try an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are more effective than disposable makeup wipes and gently remove even waterproof makeup. If makeup is a big part of your daily routine, try combining a makeup-removing cloth with a good oil cleanser to ensure that your makeup is fully removed.

On that note, never sleep in your makeup. Put some alcohol-free makeup removing wipes in your nightstand for those nights where the skin is a bit too far from the bed. (And give your skin some extra love and attention during your morning routine the next day!)

face roller for skincare

3. Face Rollers

A recent trend has been using facial rollers and/or gua sha tools, whether it's made from jade or pink quartz. These beauty tools originated from Eastern beauty methods to help depuff your face.

Facial rollers and gua sha can help promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. Other benefits are aiding in relieving tension, preventing wrinkles, depuffing, and soothing sensitive skin. 

Daily use of these facial tools can improve dullness and facial bloating as well.

PRO TIP: place your rollers in the fridge or a skincare fridge. The cooling sensation soothes and calms the skin.

4. Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid

All skin types can benefit from the ingredient hyaluronic acid in their skincare products. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a gentle humectant that adds hydration and is naturally found in our skin. 

It makes the skin feel hydrated and plump by holding water. It can hold up to 1000x its weight in water. 

HA acts as a good hydrator that has antioxidant properties that are soothing and restorative to the skin. The skin tends to lose HA as we age, thus, implementing it in your skincare can be a good option to hydrate the skin. 

One important thing to note when using HA, as it is a humectant, it continues to pull in moisture so it is necessary to use an occlusive, or a thicker moisturizer, to seal in your skincare products.

5. Silk Pillowcases

Your pillowcase may not be something you think of when it comes to skincare or haircare but there are numerous benefits when you upgrade your traditional cotton pillowcase to a silk one. 

Cotton fabric can cause a lot of friction to your skin and hair which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and damaged & frizzy hair. Cotton is not as breathable as silk and it tends to hold more bacteria and allergens causing potential breakouts. 

The smooth surface of a silk pillowcase reduces “tugging” or friction due to the slick nature of the pillowcase. It also makes your skincare products more effective by not allowing the products to wipe off like what cotton tends to do. 

Other benefits of silk are that it significantly reduces hair breakage and damage. 

Another alternative to silk is satin, which is similar in texture but made out of polyester. Satin pillowcases are a budget-friendly option for those who want the benefits of silk but at a lower cost. 

People who may benefit from a silk/satin pillowcase are those who have dry/sensitive skin, acne, and curly textured hair.

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