Is it OK to Use Anti-aging Products in Your 20s? Dermatologists Weigh In.

Is it OK to Use Anti-aging Products in Your 20s? Dermatologists Weigh In.

Dermatologists say that you should be using anti-aging products as early as your 20s--here’s what they recommend.

Skincare Is Complicated

For many beginners just starting out with skincare, it can get overwhelming. With a daily skincare routine, there are multiple steps and many options of products to choose from when applying it on your skin. 

There is no right or wrong way to do your skincare routine, it all depends on what works for your skin type and that may not be the same for everyone. 

But at what age should we really begin using anti-aging products?

Many Different Factors Go Into Skincare 

It’s never too early to start on your skincare! Your skin is a reflection of past choices and the better you treat it, the less visible damage you will see. 

According to Dr. Sonal Bansal, an expert dermatology consultant at Fortis Memorial Rsearch Institute in Gurugam, “We need to remember that ageing is of two types: internal and external. It first takes place on the inside, and then reflects on the outside in the form of fine lines. That’s why you should concentrate on prevention using anti-ageing products. Hence, you need to include anti-ageing products when you still have the chance to delay their appearance with the right care.

If you start using anti-aging and prevention products earlier on, your skin will thank you in the long run.

Skin Type

What works on other people might not work on your skin, so it is crucial that you pay attention to what your skin type needs. Don’t worry because we got you with our effective skincare guide

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Clean Water

Your skincare should start with your water. People mainly use tap water to wash their faces during their morning and night routines, but do they really know what’s inside their water?

Your water is not as clean as you think it is. If you do not consume tap water, why should your skin? That is why having a Filterbaby PROdermis Water Filter can be so beneficial. 

By installing a Filterbaby on your sink, it removes any harmful contaminants that we may not be aware of and ultimately hydrates your skin with higher quality water

Anti-Aging Products: When Should They Be Incorporated

Dermatologist Prerna Taneja says, “Twenty five is the age when the skin degeneration process starts to set in. And that is the exactly the time when we should start opting for anti-ageing treatments. People should start with basic skincare routine. Aging (of the skin) happens because of sun damage, which can cause changes in one’s skin. It can increase protein and collagen degradation.”

It can be a challenge finding the right products for your skin, but slowly getting the basics right can help maintain your skin as nourishing and healthy as possible!

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What are the Best Anti-Aging Products for Your Skin Type

It all starts with healthy skincare habits, but with so many choices, it can be hard to find the right products for your skin type. We recommend buying products that have the ingredients, retinoids, vitamin C, or tea extracts! 

Don’t set your expectations too high because improving your skin is not an overnight process, it takes time and patience for your skin to effectively see results. 

Dry Skin

If your skin type is naturally on the drier side, your body lacks its natural skin preserver- oil. When choosing products, try to look out for richer moisturizers that hydrate your skin and locks the moisture in. 

Dermatologist Dr. Shari Marchbein says, “A cool air humidifier increases the moisture level in the air.”

With dry skin, your goal is to keep your skin barrier hydrated, so having this device in your home can be extremely beneficial for your skin. We recommend using products with ingredients such as glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera!

Oily Skin

With oily skin, you probably have enlarged pores and are more prone to acne breakouts. It is highly recommended that those with oily skin should cleanse their faces twice a day using mild cleansers. 

Make sure to not use harsh cleansers as it can strip the skin and cause more damage and when using moisturizers, it is recommended that you be more mindful of the kind of moisturizer being used.

sunscreen to protect your skin


Did you know sunscreen is one of the most effective anti-aging tool? It is imperative that people know how harmful ultraviolet rays actually are for your skin.

According to dermatologist Kejal Shah, MD, at Cooper Clinic Dermatology in Dallas, “Exposure to UV light speeds up the natural aging process of your skin, causing wrinkles and rough, blotchy uneven pigmentation.”

We recommend using sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher to effectively protect yourselves from dangerous UV rays and to prevent quicker signs of anti-aging.

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