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Thousands of Happy Customers.

These are just some of the HUNDREDS of before and afters we received from our community in just 10 months!
100% authentic and untouched. 


"My skin has cleared up SO much in just the 30 days I've gotten it. It's healed more than I've ever hoped for"

Olivia, Nebraska


"I knew this was the missing piece to my skincare routine. Since using it, my skin is much softer and I don't experience any harsh breakouts."



"I am so amazed at how just changing my water quality has completel cleared my stubbon acne and made my complexion so much clearer and less red! No matter what I tried I had this acne and dryness that would not go away and in just a month of using my filter baby my skin looks amazing! I get so many compliment now and I owe it all to Filter baby!"

Chandler, Georgia


"After so many years of fighting against acne and acneiform dermatitis, I can say that I have managed to recover my skin's health to 80% in two weeks to this filter. I wish I had started earlier but I still have my whole life to continue using this incredible filter. Excited for what's to come"

Zulidia, Florida


"I've been using it for 3 months and it's made a huge difference to my skin. Way less breakouts and skin is less dry."

Diane, New York


"I've already noticed big changes in my skin within 30 days. No other product has had these lasting results for me. I will be using this for the rest of my life"

Renee, Utah


"I seriously love my Filterbaby so much. Usually every period week I get inflamed cystic acne and dry, patchy skin. I have tried everything and nothing helped until Filterbaby. This is my last month acne compared to this months."

Larisa, New Jersey


"The "after" photo is my face after just a week of Filterbaby I'm GLOWING my face is soft and retaining moisture like crazy. I've struggled with my rosacea for 4 years and this is the best my face has been in years."



"I never thought using cleaner water was an affordable solution for my skin. I easily spent $6K trying to fix my skin. I'm so glad Filterbaby exists and I no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask."

Nishay, California


"Itchiness and irritation are completely gone, and redness is almost gone too! This fitler has been such a game changer. I haven't had blemish free and soft skin since I was literally in middle school. That's been almost 15 years!"

Kharis, Texas


"Filterbaby has changed my skin game. In just 2 weeks my skin had gone from being painful, irritated and broken out to half of what it was. I've spent thousands of dollars on treatments and I just thought I had to live with it. My skin continues to get better every single day, thanks to Filterbaby"

Felicity, Conneticut


"Right away I noticed how silky the water feels and it made my skin feel soft. Even before I applied skin care I didn't get that super dry feeling I used to get. After a week I noticed my acne went away and my skin has been pretty clear since!"

Jesika, California

*All of Filterbaby's UGC photos are authentic and user contributed. Filterbaby never alters any photos. Individual results may vary. 

Thousands of Happy Customers.

The results speak for themselves.

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