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Upgrade to Filterbaby 2.0 for has a higher impurity removal rate including 99.99% of Chlorine, Chloramine, and other contaminants as small as 0.1 microns!

This includes bacteria, fungus, viruses, rusts, lead particles, arsenic, iron, chloroform, certain heavy metals, and many more contaminants that can have a severe impact on the skin and face.

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A powerful derm-tested filter that improves skin Hydration in just 14 days.

agreed it’s the best their skin’s ever felt.*
would never go back to using tap water*
measured and reported in improved hydration and radiance**

*Results from a consumer study of 100 Filterbaby users.

**Results from clinical study with 35 participants.

How To Use
Your kit comes with one filter cartridge inside, this should last you 3 months. For sensitive skin or areas with worse water quality, it is recommended to change your filter more often. To keep your water clean and fresh, you should change your filter at least once every 3 months. It's especially worth it in the long run.
Box Contents
1 Filterbaby Starter Kit includes: 1 filter (3 months supply), 4 aerator keys, 1 adaptor key, 10 faucet adaptors (you only need 1), manual. It has everything you need to easily install your Filterbaby in under 5 minutes.

100% user contributed real people, real results

  • Diane, 32

    "Have been using for 3 months and have noticed a huge difference in breakouts and less dryness. I highly recommend!"

  • Zulaidia, 31

    "After so many years of fighting against acne and acneiform dermatitis, I can say that I have managed to recover my skin's health to 80% in two weeks thanks to this filter. I'm so grateful for this product."

  • Elizabeth, 28

    "I used to suffer from acne, redness, and dry skin. I noticed my skin was less dry and my skincare products would absorb better on my face after the first wash. It's now been a few months and I’ve seen such a big improvement!"

  • Jenna, 25

    "My symptoms literally resolved overnight. My skin is glowing, it naturally retains moisture so it no longer overproduces oil. I was breaking out daily with acne, and now I have a small blemish surface every 2 weeks or so."

  • Kim, 35

    "I have seen a huge improvement in my acne and honestly, the water feels clean!"

  • Lauren, 28

    "I've seen a huge difference in my face since using Filterbaby for just under a month! My face is less red, my spots are gone or dramatically smaller, and I haven't gotten any new breakouts! Very happy!"

  • Amanda, 35

    "I am loving how my skin feels from this filter. It was easy to install on my faucet. After a few weeks of using this filter to wash my hands and face, I can tell the difference! My skin is softer and more moisturized, and feels healthier!"

  • Chandler, 29

    I am so amazed at how just changing my water quality has completely cleared my stubborn acne and made my complexion so much cleaner and less red! In just a month of using my Filterbaby, my skin looks amazing!

  • Michelle, 27

    "I love it!! I was dealing with regular cystic breakouts, redness, and overall skin irritation. Ive been using filter baby for 2 months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture and amount of breakouts

  • Kharis

    "Redness, itchiness, completely gone. I haven't had blemish-free skin like this since middle school!"

  • Jess Rachel

    "Super easy to install and I could tell the difference in my water right away. My skin feels smoother and lighter and is looking great!"

  • Nishay

    "I never thought using cleaner water was an affordable solution for my skin. I easily spent $6K trying to fix my skin. I'm so glad Filterbaby exists and I no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask."

It’s life changing

Thousands of customers have claimed this was a 'game changer' in their skincare routine. And 95% would never go back using tap water again.

  • Without Filterbaby

    • Dry, flaky, irritated skin
    • Not dermatologist recommended
    • Chlorinated water
    • Hard metals can clog pores
  • With

    • Clinically tested more hydrated skin
    • Dermatologist approved
    • Removes 99% of physical contaminants
    • Healthier & more radiant skin
  • Other Non-Skincare Filters

    • Not clinically tested
    • Limited chlorine removal
    • Not dermatologist approved
    • Not tested for skin
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Within my two-week trial the drier areas of my face (like my cheeks and forehead) did feel a bit softer and more supple. I'm optimistic about the long-term results.
Tap water can cause dryness, irritation and even breakouts because it can clog your pores,” she tells us. “It can also make your psoriasis worse or any other skin condition.
Fine lines, sensitivity, blemishes... whatever your skin woes, it's safe to assume that tap water has been low on your list of culprits but perhaps it's time to take a closer look at your faucet.
Since using Filterbaby, I’ve been able to cut my skincare products significantly. My redness is a thing of the past.
After using Filterbaby for week, I noticed that my skin felt softer. After two weeks, my forehead acne had all but disappeared, and by the third week, I noticed a difference in my skin's dryness.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you'll love Filterbaby we’ll give you a 60-day trial. No Risk.